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    Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully.

    These Terms and Conditions govern the terms of your access and use of Hawk Funds Multipurpose Cooperative Society platform and/or services provided through this platform as a member in the membership investment Program, other of our services constitute your legal agreement with us.

    After you click or tick on ‘Become A Member’ and/or "Join" or when you use the Hawk Funds website or registration form, platform and/or services provided through the platform, a legally binding agreement on these Terms and Conditions is concluded between you and us.

    By accepting these Terms, you agree that our Terms and Conditions, as it exists at any relevant time, shall be applicable to you.

    1. Definitions “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms of Conditions. “We”, “Us” means Hawk Funds registered as Hawk Funds Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. "ROI" means Return on Investment "Liquidation" means to withdraw your investment Capital. "Active Member" means investor with Capital that have not been liquidated, "Inactive Member" means investor that have liquidated the Capital. ''MOU'' means memorandum of understanding.
    2. Registration of Account with Us To use the Hawk Funds Membership Investment Program, you will first need to register for an account with us through our online platform or registration form in any of our offices. You may only use the Services if you are 18 years of age or over and it is legal for you to do so according to the laws that apply in your country. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that at all times you comply with the laws that govern you and that you have the complete legal right to use the Services.
      1. We can only accept or allow you to register or use our platform if you are under 18 on parents' recommendation. Registration can be done by parents and funds can be transferred from parents' accounts for such an investment.
      2. No Referral Bonus will be paid out for this if the money is transferred from the parents' account and the receiving bank account number of the ROI must be in the child's name.
      3. Registration of two accounts is allowed provided both accounts will set on different membership plans. Any bonus received on the second account registration will not be paid. You must let us know before creating a new account on these conditions otherwise any new account from an existing investor will be deleted.
    3. Deposit: After registration on our website, deposit can be made via cash deposit or transfer by internet banking into our bank account number with the name ”Markets Hawk International Ltd” that would be sent along with a welcome email after the registration. You can chat us on Live Chat, WhatsApp or Telegram for follow up on your deposit and updates. Investment starts counting after 24 hours of payment.
      1. We do not allow 3rd Party deposits. You can’t pay for someone or on behalf of someone except Parent to Child account registration and the ROI receiver account must be in the name of the child.
      2. We do not accept ATM, POS, Quickteller or deposits from any Mobile Money agent because any deposit made to us must carry or reflect your name as the depositor. This is very important. Any violation will be refunded without delay.
    4. ROI Withdrawal: The durations for withdrawal of Return on Investment (ROI) are monthly or quarterly (every 3 months). During registration, choose (monthly) if you want to receive your ROI on a monthly basis or 3 months if you want to receive it once in 3 months (quarterly).
      1. The withdrawal button on Client's dashboard is not for ROI, it is meant for Capital withdrawal as there's a daily notification for every due ROI. You do not need to place withdrawal for your ROI. You can make enquiries if you think there is a delay in payment.
      2. The Client's dashboard is available for every investor to monitor or track his/her investment and transaction history. You can make enquiries if you notice anything that you do not understand.
    5. Payment: ROI payment is done every day of the week except Saturdays and Sundays. However, if your ROI falls on Saturday, it may be paid on Saturday or till Sunday. But if your ROI falls on Sunday, it would be paid on Monday of the following week. You can call, chat or send us a mail if you experience any delay in your ROI payment. Note: There can be delay in ROI payment because of network problems from banks or delay in withdrawal from our trading account but we have a good track record of timely payments of ROI.
    6. Contract Document/MOU: Every investor is important to us at Hawk Funds regardless of your investment amount. There is an investment document / MOU for investors with 500,000 naira and above free of charge with Company seal and Legal Seal. Our terms and conditions are a bidding contract between Markets Hawk International Limited and investors.
      1. Our legal department is always available to prepare an MOU with a valid seal on it. It can be collected in any of our branches.
      2. If you are an investor in a location where we don't have an office, it can be sent to you by mail or we can send the hard copy by Courier service or any delivery agent to your city.
    7. Top Up: Investment capital can be increased after the first deposit but it is allowed on the same day as your first payment or few days before your due date for ROI. However, we can only allow 24 - 48hours delay. For example, if your first investment capital is 300,000 on 1st of May, it can be increased to 400,000 or 600,000 on 1st of June.
      1. The minimum Top up of investment is 20% of the current Capital. For example, if you have an investment of 300,000, the minimum you can top up or add to increase the Capital is 60,000.
      2. Please note that any top up made after 48 hours of paying ROI will not count (will not yield any profit) until the next due date.
    8. Clients’ Information Update: Some of the clients’ information can be updated especially if there is a mistake during registration. Information such as bank account number, email address etc., can be updated from the Client’s dashboard.
    9. Modifications We reserve the right, at our sole discretion to modify or revise these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms on our website or make it available in our offices or social media handles. Please check the most current Terms to ensure that you are aware of all the terms governing your use of the Hawk Funds platform.
    10. Refund Policy We will issue a refund to every investor under our Membership Investment Programme in case of any loss in their investment because they are covered under our insurance scheme for the Company. Therefore, the risk is on Hawk Funds Cooperative Investment Ltd.
    11. Referral Bonus You have got the opportunity to invite your friends, family, or other groups to enjoy our Investment plans and benefit from our lucrative affiliate program. For each Investment your referrals make, you will gain an instant one-time (one off) 1% commission. There will be no payment of any bonus that is not Credited to your Dashboard.
      1. Please note that you cannot refer yourself. You will not be paid commission if you use your link to register another account for yourself. If you use any link to register a second account or if you use someone’s link to register a second account for yourself without us knowing, you will not be paid any commission.
      2. Referral Bonus is paid to active investors with the ROI on the due date. You cannot withdraw bonus separately and you cannot withdraw bonus if you do not have active an investment.
    12. Termination and Account Cancellation The minimum period required to terminate (partial or full liquidation) an investment is 90 to 270 days from the date of Investment according to your chosen Investment plan. After that, you may let us know by Call, text message or email and give a 7 working days notice because it is optional to liquidate after 3, 6 or 9 months.
      1. To liquidate your investment, kindly log on to your Dashboard on our website or from the Mobile App and place a withdrawal of your Capital balance. Current ROI will not be paid if any liquidation is done before the ROI date, i.e., if you liquidate your investment a few days to your ROI due date, only Capital will be given to you. After liquidation Capital balance shall be returned back to the investor. Premature termination of Investment attracts 20% Service charge.
      2. Partial liquidation (withdrawing part of the Capital) or total liquidation (withdrawing the whole of the Capital) is allowed.

      Signed : Management
      Hawk Funds Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd

      Legal:Hawk Funds Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd is an affiliate of Markets Hawk International limited which is an incorporated company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC: 1616969 and Registered with Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). Our Insurance Coverage is under Leadway Assurance Ltd.

      The website Hawk Funds.org is operated by Markets Hawk International Limited.